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Born and raised in the 'burbs north of Detroit, Michigan, I took inspiration from the lush trees hallowing our one-car roads, the lakes that space out the houses in marshy stillness and the confluence of languages readily heard in grocery stores, book stores, cafes and school hallways.
Instructed early by my gymnast father, I took to tumbling as a means of firming up my mind through the execution of exacting muscular synchronization. Encouraged by my ballerina mother, I danced ballet on the daily and spoke French with puppetered pineapples and native transplants from the age of 3. 
I love the great outdoors and animals, and I now care for one sweet tuxedo cat who can fetch feathered toys and accompany me on outdoor walks. 
I discovered my love of song in a karaoke box outside of Osaka, Japan when I was 22 years old. Somewhere between sets of Madonna, Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Hirai Ken, I found my voice.
A linguist by training, I took jobs overseas right out of college to sharpen my language chops and at that time, began writing creatively to paint an emotional landscape I couldn't yet share with others, the primordial verbal matrix.
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